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Free online Facebook video downloader

Have you ever asked yourself how to download video from facebook?
Getfvideo is a facebook video downloader online tool for download videos from Facebook to your computer, tablet or mobile phone in MP4 format with HD quality. All you need to do is to enter the Facebook video URL in the text box provided and use the "Download" button to download the video in the available formats. This service is 100% FREE. You can use this service on your Windows/Mac computer or on your Android/iOS mobile. Which means, you are totally FREE to down fb video with this video facebook download online service.
Have fun and enjoy the use of our website.

How to use Facebook video downloader ?
4 easy steps to use Facebook downloader
  1. Copy FB Video URL
  2. Paste the URL in a field above
  3. Click "Download" button to Download FB video
  4. Select the Video format and click the corresponding button to save FB video to your local storage
If you don't know how to get the facebook video URL. You can right click on the Video and select "Show video URL". Some time you only just need to copy the URL from address bar on browser. The service can download facebook video from that URL without any problem.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are videos saved after being downloaded?

Most often, all FB video files you downloaded, are saved into your default download folder, set up by your browser. You can use Ctrl + J on Windows/Linux or Command + J on MacOS to see the downloaded file.

Does Getfvideo work on Mobile devices?

Currently Getfvideo works just fine on mobile devices by using Chrome and Firefox browser. Which means, you can use this service on Android and/or iOS to download and save facebook video to iphone and android.

Does Getfvideo store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos?

No, Getfvideo doesn't store or keep downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Facebook's servers. Also, we don't keep track of download histories of our users, thus making using totally anonymous.

Why I'm getting error on facebook video download?

Some of the videos are private, and are not accessible without login. For those videos you can use our Facebook private video downloader. You then can download private facebook video.

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Yes, you can download Facebook Live videos once the streaming is done. Just copy the video link and paste it to the text box as normal video to extract video from facebook and save facebook live video.

Is Getfvideo free?

Yes, Getfvideo is totally FREE. You can use it to download fb video without registration. Please keep in mind that even this online facebook downloader is free, you must not download copyrighted materials.

How many fb videos I can download?

You can download as much as you want. However, please don't abuse the service as it is also used by other users to down fb video.

Getfvideo is great service, how can I support Getfvideo?

By using our service as your favorite fb video downloader, you are supporting us. We appreciate your support.